The Inklings and Culture

bookcover Inklings & Culture

The Inklings and Culture: A Harvest of Scholarship from the Inklings Institute of Canada. Co-edited with Sara Pearson and Laura N. Van Dyke. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020.

“The Inklings and Culture has so much to commend it that it is hard to know where to start my commendation of it. […] It is no exaggeration to say that this book is a small library in one compact package. The book is a stunning achievement.” 

Leland Ryken, Emeritus Professor of English, Wheaton College

“Readers of this book will gain much more than literary interpretation, for here are essays that show how pertinent the insights of these writers are for so much of contemporary life.”

                                                           Malcolm Guite, Girton College, Cambridge

“This richly insightful volume […] amply demonstrates the continuing, and increasing, relevance of the Inklings for the twenty-first century.”

Holly Ordway, Fellow of Faith and Culture, Word on Fire Institute

“This authoritative volume is essential reading for all intent upon discovering much about the Inklings and what shaped them, a topic that is too rarely explored.”

Colin Duriez, Author of The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tolkien and Their Circle

“Much like Bilbo in Rivendell discovering a delightful collection of things he liked best, the intriguing, insightful essays in The Inklings and Culture delight in their depth and breadth, offering readers a rich feast of food for thought.”

Andrew Lazo, independent C. S. Lewis speaker and scholar, preparing for priesthood in the Episcopal Church

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