Radio (Podcast) Interviews

Interview on C. S. Lewis’s Perelandra with National Review: Hillsdale College, Michigan: The Great Books, Host John J. Miller, April 12, 2022:

Interview with Scott Macklin on “Learning Matters” TWU: The Inklings and Culture: A Harvest of Scholarship from the Inklings Institute of Canada (Co-edited with Sara Pearson and Laura N. Van Dyke, November 18,2021:

Interview with Matthew and Joy Steem: “Lewis the Sexist?”, August 13, 2021 (for Radix  Magazine: Where Christian Faith Meets Contemporary Culture, Vol. 42, No 2, Fall 2021:

Video Interview by Dan Schneider on L. M. Montgomery: Elsie Callender, Holly Blackford, Monika Hilder Oct. 30, 2020.

Interview with Jordan Mayer: “Faith, Stories and Fairy Tales.” April 21, 2020.

Guest on CBC Radio IDEAS documentary, “C.S. Lewis and the Inklings.” Host: Frank Faulk. October 10 & 17, 2013. Part 1 and Part 2.

Guest on CBC Radio One, BC Almanac, discussing Summer Reading for Young People: Motivation, Trends, and Suggestions. Host: Mark Forsythe, June 28, 2004.

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